Ever wondered what a bug bear would look like? Will Blood

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Artist Will Blood drew several new creations part of a new series he’s working on, the bug bears. These bug bears do look like something Will Blood could come up with, but what exactly are they and what inspired him?

By crossing a kids teddy bear with an insect’s anatomy Will Blood uses the ‘’contrast of sweet and creepy’’ to make a memorable image. ‘’At first I didn’t intend on doing more than a few, but I’m quite enjoying them.’’ The possibility of a print or zine release is not excluded, which would ideally occur somewhere next year.

‘’It started with a conversation I had with a friend of mine, which ended with us both wondering what a bug-bear would look like. It was a slightly drunken conversation.’’ Turning those thoughts to paper has been Will’s night time project for the past week. ‘’I collected insects as a kid and I still have a large quantity of my books, so every night I flick through a few and pick an insect to work with.’’

Will Blood’s bug bears series is still a work-in-progress, so all sorts of crazy images could pop up on his Instagram page any second. His Instagram stories have been particularly interesting lately, as they give a little look on how he creates these bears.


  • Bug bear #1

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